Review about the tap Titans 2 game

Review about the tap Titans 2 game

The first tap titans 2 game was a satisfying and addictive incremental game which sank many hours sitting at one place and playing the game read more in wiki. Not only the tap titans game is of action one but the sequel has been greatly improved with more features, better scaling and cooler graphics. If you have not played this tap titan 2 games then just tap on your screen to deal damage with your killing titans, swordmasters for gold coins. By using this gold you can upgrade your weapon to hire heroes or to do more damage that passively deals damage. If you are upgrading or purchasing the new heroes then you will be also getting bonuses such as increasing your tap damage and giving the more gold for upgrading.

·         The tap titans 2 games get more powerful with each one you destroy and at a certain stage in the game you will be finding the progress is slowing to a crawl as a titan that gets too strong for your damage and this process of utilizing the cool feature called as prestige.

·         When you use the prestige feature then the game resets your progress it gives you a number of relics that can be used for buying the artifacts.

·         Artifacts are the powerful item that greatly boosts your damages and gives you the strong bonuses as like giving you the higher chances to score a critical hit.

·         Every time when you prestige you will get exponentially stronger in which it allows you to progress further more than your previous records.

The prestige system encourages you to be at the higher stages. In which watching the growth of your heroes and swordmasters will make you to feel more satisfying and it provides a great feeling when the unkillable titans fall to your blade in just few simple taps.

Tips and tricks of the Tap titans 2 game

The following are the tips and tricks of the tap titans 2 android and ios platform game where this contains the loads of new gameplay elements and features that are not find in the original and as well as it carries the most of the basics.

·         The time lapse cheat is not worth using it in the tap titans 2 game because you could set the time only ahead on your device for collecting the large amounts of the gold on offline at once.

·         When you use the more fingers then you can tap with the device more quickly you can knock off your enemies in the game.

·         One of the best ways to get the instant free diamonds is to go to the account section and make the settings menus and link the game to your facebook account then you can exchange 100’s of diamond instantly and without using the facebook you can get 50 diamonds.

When you follow the above tips and trick then you can achieve the goal of the tap titans 2 game so that you can kill the number of enemies and earn more gold coins by using these coins you can upgrade your heroes and unlock most attracting features by trying Tap Titans 2 Hack.

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