BadLand Brawl game play with 100 of combat units and maps and many more


BadLand Brawl is a free and strategies based game where the chosen characters of the player get involved in the battles. Player attacks in units in online battles of the game. BadLand Brawl game is PVP based game in which player has to destroy the opponent’s tower as well as protecting his own from being destroyed.

Here player can have fun and battles both at the same time. Player of the game is also assisted with the BadLand Brawl Hack to play and where battles can turn into incredible fun as physics play a key role.

Role of eggs in it – Player in the game of BadLand Brawl has endless units to search and look for and can level up. The player as he collects more and eggs or unlocks many eggs in it that means he is getting access to the cards that could be game changer and turn the real threat into victory. By unlocking eggs player can use them to upgrade crazy clone characters of the game.

Inviting button – player of it can also invite friends and foes of the game when playing online and make the game real time Brawls. Here player of this game also learn new strategies and tactics to play effortlessly.

Join or create Tribe – player may too join or build his own Tribe, share clones and build his own Brawl Community to play for long time.

Crazy chain reaction reactions – it is very useful part of the game to have an upper hand on the opponents of the game. This reaction can be also a game changer in it.

Gems and gold – the game funds can be won in the form of gems and gold as well as player may use BadLand Brawl Hack to have them in bulk. Gems and gold help the player to avail any kind of facility of the game.


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