Sweatcoin – walk and walk along with money


The Swartcoin has becoming popular among the users of the globe who are conscious about health and always try to stay fit and stay away from any kinds of disease. The app not only tracks your steps but also incents you to keep the ball of health roiling. Apart from it, you also have some amount of digital money in your pocket to spend. There is Sweatcoin Cheats available to make more digital currency with its help. The Sweatcoin app allows its users to install it free of cost and keep an eye on healthy life style.

Coins for each Step

The users of the Sweatcoin app start making money as they step out from their home. Would it be walking or taking your pet animal for a stroll as the users jogs the app starts its role to play. And it counts your steps. For 1000 steps it offers you 1 Sweatcoin. These Sweatcoin can be used for different kinds of work and tasks to fulfill.

 Share also increase users account money

The users whenever share the app Sweatcoin with the help of pages on social sites or other social media platforms, the app increase the coins numbers in the account of the users. So it is also worth keeping in mind as well as worth sharing to have handsome amount of money in pocket.

Users can exchange points for coins and prizes

After having accumulated enough points to regain coins and prizes the users have to tap or click the bag like shape or icon on the screen. There users get many options to choose from. The rewards and prizes are always keeping changing and to check them time to time offers the users to avail them when they want. Users of Sweatcoin can also use Sweatcoin Cheats to have more digital currency and then change them into real money and for buying gifts and other things.

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