The Sims Freeplay – Currency Guide!


Plethora types of currencies are available in the game called The Sims Freeplay such as Simoleons, Lifestyle Points, Social Points and many more. If you have already played these kinds of the game, then you must understand the importance of the currencies. Players always work hard in order to collect the currencies, but they get failed after reaching on the top level. The Sims Freeplay Hack would be the most useful source of attaining the desired amount of currencies like Simoleons, LP and the most important is SP.


Simoleons are the currency in the game, and you can earn by gardening, banking, and other working in the job. Sometimes, players grab the simoleons by the help of pet dog for the treasure. Therefore, you need the Simoleons in order to purchase your Sims furniture, fun stuff, and many other garden patches. Players are able to purchase the Simoleons from the in-game store. It would be the best option for you. If you are getting failed while collecting the Simoleons, then don’t take tension because by using the The Sims Freeplay Hack, you can easily generate this currency in bulk.

Lifestyle points

LP stands for Lifestyle Points, which is a type of currency of the game. Therefore, by completing the goals and getting a dog to dig for treasure, players can earn this currency easily. Some players have lots of money so they can spend in the game for buying them from the in-game store.  Not only this, by using the LP, you can easily finish any action or construction quickly. LP can use for buying the cupcakes for the Sims.

Social Points

If we talk about the Social Points, then you can gain them by completing some social goals. Not only this, but this currency is also sales on the in-game store. If you are confused about the use of the SP, then you can easily purchase the homes and other items from the home store by using the SP.

Well, we have covered all the valuable types of currencies of the game that players should try to collect in the game in order to beat the other opponents.


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