The Walking Dead Our World – Role Of Cards


The way of getting entertainment is changing with day to day activities. The walking dead our world is one of the best ways of getting a better gaming experience and spending free time. In the game, the players are required to deal with different types of elements such as – weapons. All these are helpful in achieving the objectives by killing different types of zombies.

Cards are one of the most important elements of the game so by getting Walking Dead Our World Cheats. With the help of cards, the players are able to perform different types of activities and get lots of benefits. There are mainly three types of cards available.

  • Hero cards
  • Perk cards
  • Weapon cards

Know more about cards

All types of cards are working as the key to accessing some highly beneficial features or things. Use of card and its outcomes are completely based on its rarity or grade. Mainly there are four card grades, and I’m going to mention these one from higher to lower one.

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Common

With the card grade, the properties become changed completely. The players need to use the cards carefully and by paying attention to their rarity order properly.

Upgrade the cards

The players can upgrade their exciting cards, and it can help them in improvising their powers. With the card upgrades, the players are able to increase its stats only. Some players are thinking that this particular activity can help them in changing the class or grade of the card. It is not possible in any condition. Abilities of a card are featured on the basis of its class only, and these cannot be changed.

Identification of cards

In the game, the players need to identify cards properly. It is not easy for all players to memorize all the cards with their grades. Here the game developers try to make it simpler by adding some colors. They assign a specific color to all types of cards. These colors are representing a card grade like – gold for legendary, purple represents epic, blue denotes rare and white for common. It helps you in identifying the grade of cards quickly and properly.

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