What Is The Best Method To View Other’s Instagram Photos?


Instagram is getting the huge popularity in these days. There are thousands of people, who use Instagram on a daily basis. However, you feel bad when you are unable to see the photos of another person on such social media site. Well, in order to view the photos, it is necessary to follow the person.

In case, the account is private, and we don’t want to follow the person then it is not possible to view the photos. There are many people, who are searching for the answer of how to view someones private Instagram photos. If you are also one of them, then there is no need to take any tension. In the further article, you can check the most popular method of viewing the pictures.

Make the fake ID

You can create a fake account on Instagram. Well, this is the best alternative to view the photos of anyone. While it is against the manner as well as ethics, but it is the better option, which has picked by many people. There are a few steps, by which you can view someone’s Instagram profile without facing any kind of issue.

Step 1 – create the account on Instagram and then display the girl’s picture. If you are willing to see the pictures of a girl’s account, then this is the ideal choice.

Step 2 – try to upload some real pictures to make the profile genuine. In addition to this, make the attractive bio so that the chances of accepting request can be increased.

Step 3 – make the private account for creating some curiosity to know. Send the request at the decent time for showing the nice nature.

Step 4 – don’t send many annoying messages because these can show that the profile is not real. You can only send one normal message.

Step 5 – wait for the response to the request. Don’t send the request, again and again, to come at the top of the request list.

These are the easiest steps, which can be followed by anyone. So, if you want to see the photos of someone on Instagram, then it is advised to go with this option.




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