Why KAYAKING is so Famous?


Best kayak for fishing is done with the help of a tiny boat like the vehicle, basically known as a “kayak”.  Kayak is a Greenlandic word which means a “hunter’s boat” as it was manufactured by the Inuit people of Alaska and Greenland for hunting. These days, numerous models of the tandem fishing kayak are being made for the ease of the paddlers, such as recreational, tandem, sit on top, sea (touring) kayak, day touring kayak, kayak for children, etc.


•         Hearts become stronger.

•         Strengthening of muscles.

•         Improves posture.

•         Enhances self-confidence.

•         Uplifts the mood.

•         Increases social connections.

•         Gives awareness about places.

Considering these points, now it is legit to say that adventurous tandem fishing kayak not only give pleasure but are beneficial for human health and body as well.


1.       Tasman National Park, New Zealand: This jewel of kayaking, discovered by a Dutch, Abel Tasman, has now become one of the best spots to perform kayaking in the world. Kayaking in this island state of Australia, around its diverse wildlife and birdlife, seems an exciting idea.

2.       Phuket, Thailand: Along with its unique culture, this Asian continent has so much more to serve to the world. Kayaking is one of the reasons; this place attracts many tourists throughout the year.

3.       Goa, India: The most visited tourist place in India by Europeans has many agencies serving kayaking in Aguada River, Sylvan Siridao, Bat Island, etc.

4.       Glacier Bay, Alaska: Kayaking under the northern lights would definitely be a great experience. Alaska is the northernmost spot of the earth,

5.       Botswana, South Africa: Yes, this land-locked South African country is also on the list, due to its intense safari and paddling in the beautiful Okavango Delta.

6.       Johnstone Strait, British Columbia: This westernmost province of Canada, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Rocky Mountains on its east, gives an exotic platform for kayaking.

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